UMD offers free credit protection services for those affected by breach

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJLA) - Frustration is growing for people affiliated with the University of Maryland as they try to find out whether hackers stole their social security numbers. There are now problems with the phone lines that are supposed to provide answers. The phone number that was released Tuesday for the free credit monitoring is not working.

School officials say they are well aware of the problem with the phone number. They tell ABC7 it is a problem with high call volume. The security firm is working diligently to try to fix it because they know how important it is. Those affected could also sign up on-line.

Meanwhile, the University of Maryland continues to work around the clock to address a recent data breach that affected over 300,000 personal records for faculty, staff and students.{ }

University officials say information including names, Social Security numbers, birth dates and university identification numbers dating back to 1998 were compromised.

The Secret Service has joined the investigation, and the university has partnered with an outside cyber security firm to assist its computer forensic analysis.{ }

The university offered free credit protection services for all those affected. The credit protection phone number is 866-274-3891 to verify if their records were compromised and immediately activate the service.{ }