Ulysses Currie trial: Witness says Currie good with people, not complex subjects

BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland state Sen. Ulysses Currie has incredible people skills, but no one would call him smart, the first witness for the defense testified in Currie's bribery trial.

Former Delegate Timothy Maloney testified Monday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore. Maloney, an attorney who served in the legislature with Currie and testified how he helped Currie draft a letter to a grocery chain that later hired him as a consultant. Maloney said the letter outlined the consulting arrangement with the Shoppers Food Warehouse chain, a letter that stated Currie would not appear before the state legislature or local elected bodies on behalf of the company.

Under cross-examination, prosecutor Leo Wise asked about Currie's performance in the legislature. Maloney said he was good with people, but not with complex subjects such as the budget.