Ukranians in US call for action in Kiev

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) - Father Vladimir Steliac presides over St. Andrew Ukranian Orthodox Cathedral in Silver Spring. He just returned from his native country, one he says has lost its faith in government.

"Even those that were supporting the government, giving them the benefit of the doubt or trying their best, even they realize that all human limits have been crossed, all lines have been crossed," said Father Steliac.

He says U.S. action is needed to end the violence in Ukraine. It's a concern shared by Ukranian-American Alexa Chopivsky who wants immediate sanctions.

"Have been frustrated by these endless statements that have come out," said Chopivsky. "While they've been supporting and that's good they've been words. The people of Ukraine are waiting for action."

Not only does she have friends inside Independence Square right now, but she will be leaving for Kiev on Sunday. a pre-planned trip, but one she won't cancel. Too much she says is at stake -namely, freedom in Europe's second largest country.

"This is a revolution of dignity," said Chopivsky. "They want to live in a country with European values, with a rule of law."