UberX: New service halted by DC Taxicab Commission

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- By now, we’ve all heard users singing the praises of Uber taxi. It's easy to use, automated, and lets riders know exactly when their car will arrive. But in the nearly two years it has been in the District, the car service has come up against much opposition from the D.C. Taxicab Commission.

Its latest expansion plans are no exception

The San Francisco-based company recently introduced its UberX service,{ } partnering with midsize cars. But the DC Taxicab Commission, which oversees more than 6,000 cabs and limousines in the District, passed a rule on Monday that would disallow those same small, fuel-efficient, midsize cars from being used as sedans, pitting the commission once more against Uber’s interest.

Ron Linton, Chairman of the DC Taxicab Commission, says: "There is no fight between us and Uber. Uber may want to categorize it that way, but we don't fight with those we regulate."

That being said, Uber officials state that the new rule, which goes into effect on November 1, would kill plans for a less expansive sedan service and ultimately prevent the company from operating in the city.

But according to Linton: "We're not shutting Uber down. We're not shutting anyone down. We're trying to find the perfect balance to allow everyone to compete fairly."