Uber threatened by new set of cab rules

More changes appear to be coming to the rules for taxicabs in the District.

The changes would affect companies that are considered sedan-class and one specific company says it could put them out of business.

It's quickly become an alternative to taking a cab in the District. Uber is a sedan{ }service you can call from your smartphone.{ }

The popularity of Uber also means competition to D.C.{ }cab drivers. Already embroiled in a heated debate with Uber this summer over regulations, D.C.'s{ }Taxicab Commission just proposed a set of new rules: companies need a minimum of 20 vehicles, drivers{ }need to provide printed receipts and dispatch services need to have office space in D.C.

Uber's officials are outraged and met with the Commission in D.C. Friday. Uber's CEO released the following statement:

"These rules are not designed to promote safety, nor improve quality of service. They are intended to shut Uber and similar technology companies down. It is unfortunate."

Support for Uber isn't just coming from its customers. D.C. Council member at-large, Michael Brown, tweeted this message:

@davidheaton. I agree, As u may know I Co-Authored the legislation in favor of Uber. So yes i/we r trying 2 stop the madness.#UberDCLove

— Michael A. Brown (@CMMichaelABrown) September 21, 2012

WJLA reached out to the D.C. Taxicab Commission and hasn't heard back from them. Meantime, a hearing is scheduled for this Monday to discuss the new proposed regulations.

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