U.S. postal worker attacked in Northeast

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - U.S. postal inspectors and D.C. Police brought out a K-9 unit as they hunted for clues in a brutal attack on a well-known mailman.

"It's a little scary right now -- you come out and something like this happens to somebody you know," said area resident Bernard Wood, Jr.

It happened just after 4 p.m. off of Hawaii Avenue Northeast. According to investigators, the postal worker was approached by two men who forced him back to his mail van, beat him, tied him up, and left him in the back of the vehicle.

"It's shocking, I'm flabbergasted...sorry if I'm at a loss for words but nothing really happens here, it's so quiet," said Dave Heller.

The attack comes as postal workers continue to worry about their safety. Last November, 26-year-old Tyson Barnette was shot and killed as he delivered the mail in Cheverly after dark.

But this worker was attacked in broad daylight.