U.S. Park Police cracking down on bicyclists running stop signs

Photo: John Hendel/TBD

In the last two weeks three bicyclists have been in accidents with motor vehicles in D.C., including one Wednesday morning.

And two of the bicyclists had to be taken to the hospital.

Along a stretch of East Potomac Park, the U.S. Park Police are cracking down, stopping cyclists and issuing fines for running stop signs.

As ABC7 watched, bicyclists on Ohio Drive frequently bypassed the warnings telling them to stop.

After receiving a warning from an officer about the dangers, cyclist Louis Baynard says he now obeys the law

"He informed me that there had been at least two accidents in the previous week, so it kind of put the fear of god in me a little bit," Baynard says. "So I'm trying do my part."

Another man barely slowed down, telling ABC7 he feels cyclists are unfairly targeted. He says taxicabs and tourists often drive badly on D.C. roads.

Avid cyclists told ABC7 an area along the Potomac is one of the only places where they can train for races. Coming to a stop requires unclipping and losing the training edge.

But drivers like one mom say bicyclists should obey the law, for everyone's safety.

"Yes, I think they should," she says. "I think they should have to follow the rules like everybody else on the road."

"We are out here to just remind them that they have to stop for all traffic control devices, all stop signs, just like a motor vehicle would in the District of Columbia," says Sgt. Paul Brooks.