U.S. Naval Academy students experience plebe induction day

For the next six weeks "Speed and intensity, speed and intensity!” will be their mantra.

Twelve hundred U.S. naval academy students got their first look at the rigors of military life at plebe induction day.

"I'm afraid to get yelled at,” says Pierce Demarreau. “I just know it's going to be hard."

It's a difficult transition from civilian life to naval routine where basic training is hardly basic.

"I feel like I'm just following orders, doing whatever anyone tells me to do,” says Dylan Bonitz.

When the plebes come in for ‘I-day,’ they come in their normal street clothes but by the end of the day, they're navy issue from head to toe.

For the next six weeks, all television, internet, movies even music is banned. It’s total submersion into an entirely new world.

These are the last moments of civilian life, the last minutes with their families, but for many, it's start of a lifelong journey.

"The navy has always been my goal, I've always wanted to serve in the naval academy, so it's good to be decked out in navy gear,” says Kyle Packard.