U.S. National Road Racing Championship coming to Alexandria

“This course will highlight the beauty of Alexandria and serve as the National Road Racing Championship of the year,” says Mayor Bill Euille.

Flanked by competitive running’s governing body, Alexandria’s Mayor Euille says a new race is coming to the city’s streets.

“This new event will show off Alexandria to America’s runners while also allowing runners from our local community to participate in a national caliber race,” he says.

The U.S. National Road Racing Championships will feature the final season race for competitive runners. The event will also feature shorter runs for amateur runners. USA Track and Field’s Jill Geer says the capital is the perfect fit for a national event.

“We wanted to be in an area that had a great base of local runners, but also was a truly national course that was really kind of fitting for a national championship for our elites,” Geer says.

Leaders hope the flood of runners will also bring an economic windfall.

Local business owner Chris Farley of Pacers says when big races come to town his store profits.

“It can be three times the amount of business we do on a regular day,” Farley says. “A $2,000 day can be a $6,000 day.”

Farley says it’s an impact that won’t be short lived.

“The USA Championship 12K race will hopefully create new runners who live in Alexandria and runners who will shop with us over the long haul.”

It all kicks off at the edge of Founders Park in Old Town on November 17.

Check out the race course below: