Tysons Galleria smash-and-grab robberies not reported to public

After two men were arrested Wednesday in connection with a string of smash-and-grab robberies in the D.C. area, it came to light that Fairfax County Police never informed the public about several similar crimes.

A video of a violent robbery in Pentagon City shows one of a string to hit the area between December and April in Arlington, Alexandria, and Chevy Chase. The suspects took hundreds of thousands in watches and handbags.

But there were similar crimes at Tysons Galleria, during business hours and allegedly by the same suspects, crimes that did not get near the attention of the others.

"I'm guessing because it's a high-end mall and they want people to keep coming there," says a woman shopping there.

"I don't think the powers that be, the mall managers, wanted that information revealed to the public," one man tells ABC7.

According to an affadavit, on December 3, just before noon at the Michael Kors store the suspects forcibly removed nearly $5,000 worth of handbags.

Then on December 30 at noon at Neiman Marcus, the suspects forcibly removed 14 Chanel handbags from the display case, causing it to shatter and spray glass on employees.

One of the suspects threatened an employee not to get involved.

Vernith Brooks of Reston, who shops at Tysons Galleria, thinks shoppers should have been alerted to the crimes.

Male shopper 4:50-4:56 "I think from a public service standpoint, I do feel as though that info should have been revealed to the public. I think we had a right to know," a man says.

"It's not giving you all the information you need to make that decision whether you're gonna go shopping in a certain area or not," a man says.

Surveillance video, cell phone records, and vehicle information helped lead FBI investigators to arrest Walter Douglas, 33, of the District and Floyd Davis.

No guns were used in the crimes, which is why Nicaela Karinshek isn't bothered she never heard about them.

"If there was someone in there with a gun shooting at people, that would be totally different than someone stealing merchandise," she says.

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