Tysons Corner bottle bomb 911 calls released by Fairfax County police

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - Fairfax County police have released some of the panicked phone calls the received last weekend from the Tysons Corner movie theater where someone set off multiple "bottle bombs."

It was just after midnight on Sunday morning when the 911 calls began pouring in.

Caller: "Yes, yes, there's a shooting at Tysons."

We now know that it wasn’t a shooting, but explosions from two large soda bottles filled with chemicals – including acid – that went off within a minute of one another inside theaters three and eight. Both were playing the explosion-filled blockbuster, “Godzilla.”

Caller: "I was in a movie theater and there was just a loud bang and everyone panicked and left."

Caller: "Please hurry up"."

Fairfax County Fire and Police investigators are releasing the 911 tapes in the hopes that people who were at the mall might remember something and come forward. The suspect is possibly carrying a backpack, soda bottle, or looking suspicious in any other way.

"I can tell you that putting 2,000 people's lives in jeopardy and perhaps causing panic might be construed to be an act of terrorism. We don't know what their intent was," said Fairfax County Fire Marshal's Office's Dep. Chief Mike Reilly.