Tyrone Lewis facing charges in two more murders

Tyrone Lewis (Photo: Prince George's County)

One of the men accused of killing an Alexandria community activist is now being connected to two other murders.

Police arrested three people for activist Lenny Harris’ slaying: Tyrone Lewis, Linwood Johnson and Ivan Newman.

Prince George's County police said Monday that Lewis is charged in connection with the murders of Justin Antonio Isaacs, 17,{ } and Edmund Akofio-Sowah.

Kelvin Delonte Walker, Jr. was also charged with the murder of Isaacs. Police say robbery was a motive in all murders.

Isaacs was found shot on Oct. 10, 2011, in the 2100 block of Iverson Street, Hillcrest Heights. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

On January 26, 2005, Akofio-Sowah was found shot in the head in a taxi cab in the 400 block of Street, Margaret’s Drive, Capitol Heights. He was taken to a local hospital, where he later died.

Lenny Harris slaying

Lewis lived in the neighborhood where Harris’ body was disposed of in a well on the property of an abandoned home. The body was discovered and identified in late January.

Lewis has been in custody in Alexandria since last October on an unrelated car theft charge. He was secretly identified by police early on in the investigation of Harris’ disappearance based on cell phone records which showed Lewis and Harris spoke just before Harris was abducted.

Police believe Newman and Johnson shot Harris in the head

Harris, 53, was apparently known to Johnson through prior dealings. Police believe the three suspects simply thought Harris would have money and so he was targeted for a robbery.