Typhoon Haiyan: Virginia family desperate to help elderly parents in Tacloban

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) - In the aftermath of the typhoon, the struggle now for many in the Philippines is just to stay alive.

For American Charles Branscomb and his Filipina wife, Jovita, with each day and each hour without food or water, the chances of survival diminish.

"I'm just really worried and it's just...I don't's really hard," says their daughter, Jannette Branscomb.

The storm that hit Tacloban wiped out vast stretches of homes -- including the one belonging to the elderly Branscombs.

After days of dreadful silence, word finally arrived for their daughters in Alexandria from a cousin in the Philippines. Their parents had made it through the typhoon – but they are far from safe.

"Hour by hour, I'm just getting more anxious, more worried. We are just trying to get the help out there," Jannette sobs.

Charles Branscomb has diabetes, and his wife already was in poor health. She had spent time in the hospital during a recent visit to the States, and their daughter’s fear has now given way to desperation.

"We just feel so helpless here," says daughter Jacquelyn Branscomb. "I just want to be able to give them a cookie or something -- anything to eat or drink."

From their Alexandria apartment, they continue to work the Internet and phones. They have contacted the military, the state department, and even the U.S. Embassy.

"I don't know what to do but shout it from the rooftops: 'Someone save my parents!'" they say.

The Branscomb daughters are trying to launch a rescue for their elderly parents -- a feat which could prove to be impossible.

The trip to the airport is too treacherous, and the situation at the airport reportedly is chaos.