Two workers in NW overcome by carbon monoxide

Two men were overcome by carbon monoxide in Northwest Saturday afternoon and taken to a hospital in serious and life threatening condition.

DC Fire and EMS spokesperson Pete Piringer reports that several workers were using a pressure washer in an unventilated area of the garage at 150 V Street, NW, when the two men were overcome with the fumes.

Piringer said units responded to a call and arrived on the scene to find two adult males unconcious.

They were taken to George Washington University Hospital.

The structure is a four-story apartment building with a three-story underground parking garage.

Firefighters went door to door in the apartment building, checking CO levels and looking for any other possible victims.

The building was evacuated and EMS evaluated others, but no additional people were sick.

The CO levels in the garage remained high, but the upper floors of the building were clear.