Two strangers help save life of fallen band member

(WJLA) - The Lake County Indiana Pipe and Drum Band was the lead band at Wednesday night’s march and service in Northwest D.C.

"This is the biggest honor you can have, really,” said member Allen Wolak.

But just after they had marched, one of the band members collapsed.

"I'm a paramedic from Florida, so I went over immediately started to render aid with Officer Robertson,” said Lt. Douglas Goerke with Orlando Police.

"I simply walked up to hand him a bottle of water thinking it was a heat-related illness, and it ended up being a cardiac arrest,” added Officer Gary Robertson with St. Louis County Police.

Lt. Douglas Goerke and Officer Gary Robertson had never met until that moment, when they suddenly had to work together to save a man's life.

"We did a quick assessment; he confirmed no pulse,” said Lt. Douglas Goerke. “And from there we started the chest compressions."

Someone brought them a defibrillator.

"I think that's what truly helped him,” said Lt. Goerke. "In total, there were three shocks delivered. By the time he did leave here, he was breathing and kicking on his own."

The two strangers are now anything but – and it looks like the band member will be okay.

"He's doing good, and we're praying for him,” said fellow band member Allen Wolak.

"We're all a team, we're all brothers and sisters, that's what we're for…I'm glad it worked out,” said Officer Robertson.