Two Prince George's County Police officers suspended over video

At a news conference, Prince George's County Police Chief Mark Magaw announces that he has suspended two officers.

Two Prince George’s County Police officers were suspended Friday after they made an inappropriate video.

The video was a spoof called “driving while black.” It was made by two African American officers.

Prince George’s County Police Chief Mark Magaw suspended the officers because they "engaged in unbecoming conduct by creating a video that is inconsistent with the values of our community,” according to Prince George’s County police.

Both officers are from District 5. The 20 minute video is said to play off racial stereotypes.

The officers appear in uniform with a marked patrol car with Prince George's County Police insignias blurred, a source says.

The "plot" involves a black man driving with music blaring, the source says. When police appear behind him he turns the music off takes off his jewelry and changes his clothes. The uniformed officers approaches and yells at the man.