Two people struck by lightning in Arlington

Two people were struck by lightning in Arlington.

Remnants of a charred umbrella are still on the sidewalk. A man and woman had been walking down North Highland Street near a large tree and an iron fence when a bolt of lightning hit.

"It was maybe three blasts of lightning all at once. It was the loudest I ever heard,” said Mike Kravinsky.

The Arlington County Fire Department has responded to the 1500 block of North Highland Street. Officials say the two were struck by lightning around 8 p.m.

Neighbors say they called 911 right away when they saw the man performing CPR on the woman. Both were rushed to the hospital.

Anthony Gaglione says he knew the thunderstorm was persistent and violent. "It's scary, I really hope for the best for the victims here," Gaglione said.

Fire officials say they have been transported to an area hospital. No word on their condition.

“My prayers are with them,” Nick Birasa said.