Brandywine party fight leaves several partygoers injured

The fight happened at a Brandywine home on Saturday night. (Photo: ABC7)

What started on an idle Saturday evening in rural Prince George's County as a happy and well-chaperoned Sweet 16 party ended in a nightmare, and an investigation to why two people were stabbed at the function continues.

Late Saturday night, police say that the party, which was held in a Brandywine home on Poplar Ridge Road, got out of hand when dozens of young people crashed the function.

"Right now we're overwhelmed with everything that has taken place," the party's host and mother of the Sweet 16 honoree, who did not want to be identified, said.

The mother of three told police after dozens of teens came to the party uninvited, she and her husband attempted to remove them from their home. That's when the intruders began punching and slashing with a knife. Two people were stabbed, three were cut and two more sustained broken facial bones.

On Monday night, police say that two more victims came forward, upping the total number of people injured in the fight to nine. Prince George's County Police believe there could be even more and are hoping that more witnesses come forward.

Partygoers and students who spoke to ABC 7 News say their peers at the party and those who crashed it go to Gwynn Park High School.

"We're praying for the families of the children that were injured," the party host said. "Our hearts are broken...we're trying to reach out to them."

Police say that despite a number of leads, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed. However, authorities are focusing on the idea that the buzz about crashing the party spread quickly on Twitter - Cpl. Mike Rodriguez says that the social media word helped the party balloon to up to 100 people.

"I don't think they planned on coming for the party," partygoer Cainan Wright said. "They were probably coming for...trouble."

The party host's observations back that theory up - she says that one yelled at her as he ran away that he came what he came to do, which was to shut down the party.

"They have ruined her birthday and the social networking is ruining these children," the host said. "It's putting them in harm's way."

Meanwhile, the young lady whose party was ruined by the violence has yet to return to school and is staying with relatives until she and the situation calms day. Tuesday marked the actual date of her birthday.

"I felt bad, because they go to my school," party attendee Jeremiah Wright said. "I see them everyday."