Two Metro operators run red lights

Two Metro operators ran a red light with their trains this past month. Officials say they ran through red signals at Brentwood Rail Yard near the Rhode Island Avenue station.

"I sit mostly in the middle because of all the accidents in the past,” said Metro rider Bryan Alexander.

Last year an operator derailed a Red Line train intentionally to avoid an accident after the operator ran through a red signal near the Farragut North station. National Transportation Safety Board is already carefully watching Metro after a number of problems and incidents, including a fatal collision that killed nine passengers two years ago.

Investigators said errant and faulty signals created to slow or stop the approaching trains were to blame. Ms. Jones, who would only give her last name, was injured in that accident. She still worries about the agency's safety.

"I can tell you, they need to avoid more accidents,” she said.

Metro says both train operators have admitted their mistakes and are currently off their posts while they undergo retraining. Some passengers wonder if more safety procedures are needed.

"Maybe they can have some sound go off,” said Jeffrey Clark. “We are lucky that it was caught.”

Even though the trains were moving at low speed with no passengers, Metro officials are taking the incidents very seriously, saying tonight "Because these incidents involved signal violations, both operators were removed from service, as is standard procedure, and will be retrained following any disciplinary process."