Two men say they were groped by PGPD officer

(WJLA) - Glenn Davis and Rashod Bryant say that on Tuesday night, they were talking outside Bryant’s apartment in Laurel when a Prince George’s County police officer pulled up in his cruiser.

"It happened so fast and it was crazy how it all went down," said Davis.

The officer reportedly got out of the vehicle and began accusing them of wrongdoing -- calling them dealers and accusing them of selling drugs.

But Bryant says he works as a juvenile counselor, and Davis is an electrician.

"We asked him what we did...He would not give us an explanation on what we did," explained Bryant.

They say the officer ordered them to hand over their ID’s, and while conducting a pat down search, touched the men inappropriately.

"He took his hands, went down into my boxers, and grabbed by private area," claimed Bryant.

"I'm standing here the whole time and that's when he groped me. And I'm like, what am I supposed to do right now?" said Davis.

"I feel sexually violated. It made me feel less than a man out here," added Bryant.

The men say several minutes later, a neighbor picked up her cell phone and got video of a second pat down. Bryant, on the far side, says the officer again touched him inappropriately – but this time from the outside of his shorts.

The two men say that after the incident the officer didn’t charge the men with any crimes – but told them they were loitering.

Police have since confirmed that soon after learning about these complaints, they reached out to the men, and that investigators with Internal Affairs are looking into the allegations leveled against the officer.

Only moments after we left the apartment complex to put our story together, Bryant called us. He said the officer was back, and once again questioning them and yet another resident about loitering.