Two 'Lost Dogs' battle over a name

Lost Dog Coffee in West Virginia. Photo: Kimberly Suiters/ABC7

WATCH: ABC7's Kimberly Suiters talks with the owners of both Lost Dogs.

The Lost Dog Café is a popular restaurant in Arlington. So popular that it's expanding rapidly.

Now its owners want to protect the restaurant's name.

But that means other businesses could suffer.

At the Lost Dog Café in Arlington they sell pizza and beer.

At Lost Dog Coffee in Shepherdstown, West Virginia--70 miles away--they've been serving gourmet tea and coffee since 1996.

They share a name, but as Lost Dog Café gets bigger, that's suddenly a problem, and they've sent cease-and-desist letters to block Lost Dog Coffee and at least four other businesses from using their name.

On his counter, Garth Janssen has a coffee-stained copy of the cease-and-desist letter that came from the Lost Dog Café in Arlington.

"I'm not changing a thing," Janssen says.

But the owners of the Arlington café say that protecting the "Lost Dog" brand across the country is smart business.