Two lanes of I-95 in Woodbridge closing down Saturday night

UPDATE: Saturday night at 9 p.m., VDOT will close two lanes of northbound I-95 near Exit 158 at the Prince William Parkway as crews remove another sign structure.

VDOT says, "Crews removed a southbound structure in the same area last night due to cracked anchor bolts.

"The work is expected to be complete by 5 a.m."

High occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes will be open and available. State Police will again be on the scene.

Earlier: Two lanes of I-95 in Woodbridge closing down Friday night

Two lanes of southbound I-95 were scheduled to be closed tonight beginning at 9 p.m. as a 30-foot-tall cantilevered sign structure will be removed at Exit 158 at the Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge.

The Virginia Department of Transportation issued a statement today saying, “Two cracked anchor bolts were discovered during an ultrasonic test earlier today.”

Drivers can avoid delays by using the HOV lanes, VDOT says. State Police will be on present to assist in traffic control.

Last Saturday, a similar sign structure collapsed on I-66.

VDOT says they are testing all of the cantilevered signs in Northern Virginia following the I-66 collapse. So far, 25 of 261 signs have been examined.

VDOT expects to complete the tests by March 30.