Two Georgetown students robbed in one day

A young woman was attacked by an armed robber night in Georgetown, police say.

She was walking down 42nd Street from the Tenley Metro station at about 12:30 Wednesday night. This is one of two violent attacks targeting young women in Georgetown in the last 24 hours.

“He stopped me and he said ‘don't run, or I'll kill you,’” recounted the victim, who asked not to be identified.

The robber had a gun and demanded her purse, the woman said. She froze, so he pistol-whipped her neck, and then, the gun went off.

“For a split second I wasn't sure if I had gotten shot or not but as soon as I heard the ringing in my ear I ran, I bolted,” the woman said.

The robber fled with her belongings, leaving her with a burn on her neck. She considers herself lucky to be alive.

“The abrasion on my neck is the evidence that (my) life was saved today. This could have resulted in death,” she said.

Just three miles away, two hours earlier, a Georgetown student had a similar experience. On the 1400 block of 36th Street, a police report states that a man threatened to shoot her. He made off with her bag and cell phone.

“That's very surprising and raises some concerns that’s for sure,” said Georgetown resident Jesse Schaefer.

The victim says she now lives in fear. “I'm afraid of every car, every person who even remotely resembles him. I just get scared and I don't feel like leaving the house,” she said.

The incident reminded her how precious life is, she said. “I got home that night and I saw my parents and I just hugged them and I cried,” she said. She’s thankful she survived, and glad she wore a cross around her neck that night.

Police have yet to make any arrests in either one of these cases, but they do believe the same suspect committed both robberies.