Two explosive devices found

The area where the two explosive devices were found. (Photo: Brad Bell)

Authorities have found two explosive devises in the 1800 block of St. Margaret Road on Broadneck Peninsula.

“And it was armed and it wasn't something that was going to go away casually,” said Bill Schardt, who discovered the devices. “It needed to be addressed.”

Before the bomb squad and their high tech robots arrived on scene, he and his wife had been cleaning out her parent's house. That's when Schardt found what appeared to him to be armed and ready grenades or mortars.

The bomb squad send photos off to the Pentagon and learned that the devices were in fact Japanese World War II vintage mortars. The home-owner had served in the army and the suspicion is he brought the little bombs home after the war and they'd been hidden away ever since.

A fire department spokesman says they had to be treated as potentially dangerous.

“In reality, they could be nothing,” said Battalion Chief Steve Thompson. “But if somebody pulled that pin and found out it's the real thing it could be catastrophic.”