Two dogs that attacked kids now dead

Two dogs that terrorized the Northeast neighborhood of Trinidad last week are now dead, authorities say.

Authorities say the dogs were found in Cheverly on Saturday at about 12:45 a.m. Cheverly police officer Jarod Towers spotted the two dogs in the street, approached them and saw one dog appeared to be near death.

The other began to circle the officer and then, without warning, charged.

Towers says the dog was barking, snarling and attacking. He fired one shot. The dog ran into the officer's patrol car and eventually both dogs were destroyed at animal control.

Towers saw the video Wednesday morning and realized the dogs were the same dogs in the earlier attack.

The two dogs attacked a group of children and the man who tried to protect them on Friday but were not caught after the attack. The incident was caught on surveillance camera.

According to surveillance video from a nearby apartment, obtained exclusively by ABC 7 News, the large, white "Cane Corso" dogs on the loose began to stalk children in in the streets around 9 p.m. The children fled, but the dogs trapped two children who jumped on top of parked cars in an attempt to get away from the dogs.

"It was like something out of a horror movie," Tiara Bryant, the mother of one of the children said as she watched the loose dogs chase her son.

One of the dogs eventually jumped up on top of the car with the children.

The attack lasted for about 13 minutes on Queen Street as the two white dogs chased three kids, aged 10, 11 and 13.

"It seemed like they were hunting. Like they were going after people," Aliya Rocker-Patterson, a neighbor said, "I see children on top of cars with big white pit bulls...trying to get them. It was absolutely insane."

It was then that Andre Hawthorne, an usher for the Washington Nationals, was coming home from the game and stepped in. He was armed with a knife and his courage. He can be seen on the tape trying to run the dogs off with his knife.

The dogs then turned on him, tossing him around like a "rag doll" neighbors described, which allowed the children to flee safely. However, the attack left him with wounds on his left arm and hand which are now infected, he says. He also is undergoing a series of rabies shots.