Two children separated from parents on Metro

A mother and her young daughter had a separation scare on Metro's red line. During the height of the morning rush Monday, the 5-year-old was on the train, the mother on the platform.

The girl was sandwiched between morning commuters on board, as the mother helplessly watched from the platform. The train operator didn’t open the doors since the train had already partly pulled away from the platform.

“It probably taught the mother a lot about riding the metro in the city. You don't just let your child kinda walk off without you,” said Metro rider Meshelda McCray.

It's not clear how the mother and child became separated. Passengers alerted the train operator who, according to metro officials, was right in refusing to open the train doors.

Once part of the train has pulled out of the station, as it did Monday, policy states the doors shouldn't reopen for riders' safety. Putting the train in reverse is also not allowed. Mother and daughter were reunited at the next stop.

Andrew Sramek, a father himself, says he wouldn't expect Metro to delay thousands of commuters for one child. His own son mistakenly got off the train without his family Wednesday.

Sramek said he called his son back, “but of course the mass of people was pushing him out so he couldn't back up. But then someone grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back.”

A close call that, like the situation Monday, ended safely.

“I was like, pretty glad that they helped me back on and otherwise I would have been lost from my dad," said 10-year-old Andrew Sramek.