Two children, one adult shot in Southeast D.C.

Sheena Whitfield was in her backyard with her niece and nephew from North Carolina when chaos erupted.

"We saw kids trying to get into the apartment building, and we were trying to run in the house," Whitfield said.

Two children and an adult were shot in the 1900 block of Savannah Street SE at a a Parkland community camp program Monday afternoon, police said.

Whitfield said her family was nearly hit by two of the shots.

"We saw a gunshot hit the grass because the grass kind of blew up," Whitfield added.

MPD officials confirm that both children were shot in the ankle. The adult, a counselor, a man in his 40s, suffered a gunshot wound to the ankle as well, police say. Witnesses say the man, who runs the camp, was shot while trying to protect the kids.

Witness Kyri Douglas recalled, "One of them went right over my head like that. We ran in the house fast."

Police said the shots came from one man chasing another. He kept shooting even though kids were right nearby.

Authorities say about 30 kids were out during a lunch break.

"Whatever they were shooting for, you don't shoot around children and innocent people," Douglas continued.

Joyce Hall knows all three victims, and knows one boy especially well.

Hall said, "He goes to Vacation Bible School with me sometimes. He goes to church with me sometimes. His mom and family are nice people."

People in the neighborhood said they're still in shock tonight.

"I was really frightened. I was shaking. I still kind of am right now," Douglas added.

Police are currently trying to locate the shooter.