Two children attacked by pit bull in Clinton

Authorities take control of the dog that allegedly attacked to children in Clinton. (Photo: Brad Bell)

Two boys are recovering from injuries Monday in Clinton after they were attacked by a pit bull, the owner of which was arrested.

Police say a 6-year-old and the child's 13-year-old cousin, Jovon Morton, were both attacked just after 5 p.m. Monday in the 11600 block of Cosca Park Drive by the pit bull. They both suffered bite wounds to their faces and arms, after which a teenage girl that was with the dog took off with the animal.

On Tuesday, Prince George's County Police located and arrested the dog's owner, Drew Byron Street, for violating the county's pit bull ban.

Animal Control officers are now in custody of the dog. Both children are out of the hospital.

But Jovon and others recpounted the horrifying attack.

“He jumped and bit me right on my lip,” Jovan says.

The attack took place Monday evening as he watched his 6-year-old cousin on a play ground behind their grandma's house.

A woman walked by with this pit bull. It was not on a leash. The little boy was scared and ran but the dog took off after him clawing and biting. It even yanked his little shoe off.

Jovon tried to help.

“I was running. At the same time I was punching and kicking the dog,” he says.

The dog turned on Jovon. That's when their grandmother heard their cries for help.

“All I could see was the blood and all they said to me was ‘grandma help us,’” says Mary Mellette, the boys’ grandmother.

The boys jumped on a vehicle to escape the pit bull.

She swung a stick and told the boys to run into their house. That did no good.

Then, three young men appeared and calmed the dog down. The woman who had been walking the dog also showed up. A neighbor who witnessed the attack says she was no help.

She then left with the dog.

On Tuesday, police found the dog and its owner just a few blocks away from the attack.

Pit bulls are illegal in Prince Georges County. When one bites unprovoked, it must be destroyed.

The owner of the dog, who was taken from his home in handcuffs, faces a possible $1000 fine and six months in jail.

Jovon's mother says he is healing but still faces rabies shots. She's just glad the dog is no longer a threat.

“I'm very relieved that this dog is off the streets. Very, very relieved,” Chemore Mellette says.