Myers and Mayhew arrested in double homicide investigation

Prince George’s County Police has arrested two men in connection with a double homicide in Capitol Heights, Md., last week.

Kenan Arnon Seif Myers, 24, and Brian Cuffie Mayhew, 19, were arrested on Tuesday under 1st degree murder charges. They are held without bond, police said.

Meyers, of Fairmont Heights, and Mayhew, of Fort Washington, were arrested in connection with the double homicide investigation of Anthony Stevens McKelvin, 28 and Sean O’Neil Ellis, 24.

Police say McKlevin and Ellis were found dead around 11:30 p.m. on May 30 near Denise Drive and Rolling Avenue in Capitol Heights. They were sitting in a silver Lexus, which authorities say belongs to the mother of one of the victims.

At the time, law enforcement sources said the two killed men had recently come into a sizable amount of cash. Somehow their killer or killers learned of the money and planned a robbery. The men were forced at gunpoint into the front and rear passenger seats of a Lexus belonging to the mother of one of the men.

At some point something went wrong and the victims were shot and killed.

When investigators arrived on scene they found the victims doused in bleach. Police also found a gasoline can on the scene and believe the killers were interrupted by responding officers before they could set the car on fire in an attempt to destroy evidence.