Two Annapolis men in in medically-induced comas after lightning strike

Connor Benson, right.

Two young Annapolis men are fighting for life 24 hours after they were struck by lightning Wednesday night.

Jamie Martin and her boyfriend, Connor Benson, 18, and friend Alex Steele, 23, had been trying to tether their boat before last night's storm hit when a lightning strike hit the trio.

John Martin was wrapping up a party with friends and family when his daughter Jamie came running back from their Annapolis beach - with fear on her face.

"She was hysterical, I think she was mainly in shock, but she was just beyond herself, she really couldn't communicate what was going on," John Martin says. "A lightning bolt hit, maybe within 100 feet of them, and the sand was wet, and it took them down, it took them both down."

Steele and Benson were blown to the ground. In the dark and battling rain, John Martin and friends were able to find the men, but found no pulse on either. A neighboring doctor began CPR and within minutes medics arrived at the residence in the 100 block of River Drive.

Thursday night, Benson and Steele are fighting for life, in medically induced comas. And in the idyllic Bayridge neighborhood, prayers are replacing disbelief.

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