TWA 800 investigators reaffirm crash an accident

      New details and video were released Tuesday from the case surrounding TWA Flight 800, which crashed in the nineties.

      The NTSB says an explosion in the center wing fuel tank brought down the 747 airliner 17 years ago, just 10 minutes after it took off from New York's JFK International for Paris, killing all 230 people on board.

      The NTSB rarely allows access to the reassembled portion of the fuselage, but did so Tuesday as part of a closed door briefing. No cameras were allowed inside for an overview of the investigation, much of it refuting allegations raised in an upcoming documentary that claims TWA 800 was brought down by an outside explosion, like a missile strike.

      Matt Ziemkiewicz's sister was a flight attendant on board. He attended the briefing Tuesday.

      "Hearing talk of a movie coming out reigniting conspiracy theories we as family members heard about years ago was kind of bringing up old wounds and I wanted to show my support to the NTSB," he says.

      Former NTSB investigator Hank Hughes worked on the investigation in 1996. He participated in the documentary, saying the NTSB needs to reconsider its findings. He believes a missile strike likely brought down the aircraft.