Turtle painted with nail polish at Wildlife Center of Virginia

Wildlife Center of Virginia photo

WAYNESBORO, Va. (AP) - Glitter and nail polish aren't glamorous for a box turtle found in Augusta County.

Someone covered the turtle's shell with multiple shades of polish and glitter. Amanda Nicholson at the Wildlife Center of Virginia says the paint job makes the turtle a target for predators.

Nicholson tells The Daily News Leader that it could take several days to weeks to restore the shell to normal.

But that's not the only problem.

Nicholson says the turtle is carrying five eggs. To live in the wild, her offspring should be returned to where they were conceived.

But the center's staff doesn't know the turtle's history. They hope whoever painted the turtle will come forward and provide information such as where the turtle came from and how long she was in captivity.

Randy Huwa, Executive Vice President of the Wildlife Center of Virginia tells ABC7{ } that removing the nail polish will be a long and slow process. The center is treating the turtle a couple of times a day, but removal will take several days.

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