TSA PreCheck comes to Dulles International Airport

A new TSA program at Dulles International Airport aims to streamline the process of getting through security for some passengers.

Called TSA PreCheck, the system allows passengers to leave their shoes and belt on when passing through security.

Passenger Neal Lassila breezed through the checkpoint Tuesday in under two minutes.

"This is game changing. Amazing!," Lassila exclaimed.

The accelerated screening process was developed to allow a select number of frequent travelers to essentially be pre-screened.

Tuesday, TSA PreCheck touched down at Dulles, which is the first airport to build a special screening area for the new screening method.

TSA Administrator John Pistole said at a briefing Tuesday, "This initiative is enabling us to focus our resources on those passengers who may pose a higher risk, including those on the terror watch list, while providing an expedited screening and better overall travel experience to those we consider low risk trusted travelers.'

So far, it's only available to high-level frequent flyers on five airlines who are invited to opt in to the program; this includes members of the government's Global Entry program and active duty military but only at select airports and only for domestic travel.

The participating airlines include: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines and US Airways. And those airlines are just as excited about the program, hoping it will help them attract lucrative and frequent business travelers.

"We are a customer service business. We spend a lot of time delivering that for our customers," said United Airlines Dulles Station Managing Director Rodney Cox. "But on the TSA screening side, that's something we don't have a lot of control over, so we are happy that the TSA has implemented this program."

The goal is to have TSA PreCheck in 35 airports by the end of the year, including Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

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