TSA finds mortar round inside baggage at Dulles

The 60 mm mortar round was confiscated from the traveler. Photo: TSA

A great number of illegal objects, from guns to knives to drugs, are found on a regular basis at airports across the D.C. area and the world.

It's not often, though, that TSA officers come across a mortar round in someone's checked baggage. It happened over the weekend, though, at Washington Dulles International Airport.

TSA officials say that that a man was stopped at Dulles Sunday after they discovered a 60 mm mortar in his bag. The weapon, which measures more than a foot long, was found to be inert.

The traveler, who was en route to Denver from overseas, surrendered the mortar round to authorities.

TSA officials remind all travelers that any kind of weapons - even non-functioning inert ones - are not allowed to be carried onto planes.