Truth behind World War II iconic kiss revealed

(Courtesy Flickr)

A new book gives the real story behind an iconic World War II photograph of a homecoming kiss.

But what the book reveals, Greta Friedman has known all along - she is the nurse who was surprised that August day by an overly amorous sailor.

"It came as such a surprise that I didn't even see him approach," Friedman said.

The authors of "The Kissing Sailor" offer what they say is irrefutable proof that Friedman, a Frederick, Maryland resident, is the nurse seen in the symbolic picture.

Looking at the photo, she recognizes herself and how she looked.

Over the years, two other woman claimed to be the nurse, but Friedman has always maintained that it's her.

She still remembers the emotions she felt as she took a lunch break and went to Times Square.

" I felt...that's great...our friends are coming back," Friedman recalled. "It was a great day."

Some of Friedman's neighbors didn't know until recently that they were living next to a celebrity.

Neighbor John Day grew up with that photo.

"When I found's Greta, for years I never mentioned a word, then I asked her about it and she said, '...oh yeah, it's true'," Day said.

The sailor, George Mendosa, has always believed Friedman was the nurse. Part of the reason Mendosa may have grabbed Friedman was she was dressed in a nurse's uniform similar those worn by nurses on hospital ships.

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