Truckers Ride for the Constitution: Beltway gridlock plan a ploy for attention, trucker says

(WJLA) - A proposed plan for truckers to hold the Capital Beltway hostage on Friday morning has been exposed as merely a threat to get attention, the Washington Post reports.

Trucker Earl Conlon made waves earlier this week with comments to U.S. News and World Report that indicated that he and thousands of other drivers were planning to cause gridlock in protest of numerous causes, not the least of which is the ongoing government shutdown.

“Nothing gets the attention of the mainstream media like some sort of disastrous threat. I knew it was going to ruffle some feathers," Conlon told the Post.

According to the original U.S. News and World Report story, tractor-trailer drivers from across the country were planning on descending on the Inner Loop of the Beltway this Friday in an attempt to show their displeasure with the current political climate, especially as it pertains to their industry.

Dubbed the Truckers Ride for the Constitution, Conlon told U.S. News and World Report reports that truck drivers planned to circle the Beltway "three lanes deep" at the highway's 55 mile-per-hour speed limit.

As of Tuesday morning, a Facebook page set up in support of the protest already had more than 56,000 fans. In addition to their general displeasure with the government, the drivers are protesting conditions for drivers who are not unionized, among other grievances.

Conlon, though, tells the post that he even knows doing such a thing to the Beltway wouldn't be fair to the city's residents.

"We know it would not be right to go to D.C. to lock down the city," Conlon told the Post.