Tropical Storm Andrea: D.C. region wet but mostly safe

The warnings from Fairfax County firefighters to people in Huntington is not meant to create panic - but rather awareness in an area that knows flooding all too well.

Like so many others here, Betti Warrick endured serious flooding in 2006 and 2011.

She says they were flooded out.

Any time the forecast calls for heavy rain like on Friday, all she can do is wait.

"Well, I don't get all worked up and nervous because we've had it happen before,” she says.

When Cameron Run overflows, water can flood into the streets and homes of Huntington.

But so far, it's well below the level of concern.

In Annandale, like throughout the rest of the region, the steady rain is making for slow going on the roads and low visibility.

In Old Town in Alexandria, the Potomac River can be quick to flood the bottom of King Street. But on Friday, the water levels weren’t threatening.

The scene in Ocean City

In Ocean City, Maryland, Friday has been a day of very heavy rain across the Eastern shore. Puddles are everywhere but nothing that would constitute flooding.

Ocean City rehearsals for this weekend's big airshow had to be grounded.

Lifeguards are braced for the weather in orange rain gear but that's the only visible storm prep. not what this storm watcher is watching for

“I'm a little disappointed,” says vacationer Chris Williams. “I thought people would be more prepared for it. Maybe some windows boarded up but I haven't seen anything like that.”

Ocean City officials are monitoring the storm.

But some things they do when they're concerned about approaching weather haven't been done this time. Boxes containing all the beach rentals haven't been removed the trash cans are still out and they haven't closed the storm gates which protect the boardwalk.

And when the sun popped out at about 2 p.m., many hit the beach and the Boardwalk.

“It certainly wasn't (Hurricane) Sandy, so definitely very thankful we didn't have an issue like that again,” says vacationer Jeremy Kadlec.

Road work cancellations

Heavy rain from the outskirts of Tropical Storm Andrea caused the Virginia Department of Transportation to cancel scheduled road work this weekend on Interstate 95 in northern Virginia.

VDOT had planned overnight weekend closures of the HOV lanes on Interstates 95 and 395 on a long stretch from the D.C. border to southern Prince William County. But VDOT decided Friday to postpone the work after a steady rain.

Virginia State Police said they were not planning extra patrols as a result of the storm and reported no fatal storm-related accidents in northern Virginia. One minor accident early Friday on the Capital Beltway near Alexandria occurred when a car struck a VDOT truck that was pumping water off the road.

One fatal wreck in southwest Virginia was attributed to the storm.