Triangle woman gets new engine after losing money on faulty replacement

TRIANGLE, Va. (WJLA) - Darlene Lloyd's son has spina bifida and epilepsy, and it's a common occurrence for her to have to rush him to a doctor.

However, the vehicle she uses to make those trips recently had problems, and then after dealing with an online auto parts store, that vehicle had no engine.

While doing research to get her car fixed, she found a deal on a 2004 Dodge Durango that needed a new motor. She mailed the original engine to the Florida auto parts company to rebuild and sell, then paid them more than $2,800 for a newly-rebuilt Hemi V-8 motor.

That rebuilt motor was shipped to Lloyd's local mechanic, but it immediately malfunctioned. They shipped the engine back to Florida, but the company insisted that she pay again for them to ship her another new engine.

"We had issues with knocking, leaks, internal noises, right from the time we started the engine," Lloyd said. "They have my $2,850 and now I have nothing."

The owner of Lloyd's auto shop, Tracy Jones of T&C Auto Repair, says that the Florida company now has both the faulty new engine, the original bad engine and Lloyd has nothing but a hole in her pocketbook.

Money hasn't been easy to come by for Lloyd and her son, either. Her husband recently died of a heart attack, forcing her to stay home with her son. She makes her Social Security check stretch the best she can.

However, when she called 7 On Your Side, a Spokane, Wash. company - S and J Engines, came through to grant Lloyd her Christmas wish. They're sending her a remanufactured Hemi V-8 engine for free.

Very soon, Lloyd will have her Durango back to drive her son to the doctor whenever she needs to.

That engine was shipped Monday, and in addition, T&C Auto has offered to install it for free.

"I'm in shock," Lloyd said. "I don't know what to say."