Trial day 2: Chris Brown's bodyguard has yet to receive verdict

(WJLA) - Singer Chris Brown's security guard, Chris Hollosy, walked out of court silent and without final answer from a judge as to whether she believes he is guilty or innocent of assault.

This means that his employer Chris Brown will also have to wait in jail over Easter weekend for his assault trial to begin.

Both men are accused of punching Parker Adams over an attempt to take a picture with the hip hop star outside the W Hotel during last year's Howard University homecoming weekend.

When the defense attorneys had their turn today, they called to the stand a D.C. firefighter, who treated Adams that October night while en route to the hospital. He testified that once in the ambulance, he heard a D.C. police officer say to Adams, “Do you know who that is? That is Chris Brown.”

Later, the same officer said Brown was on felony probation and could go to jail for a long time. The defense asked the witness whether the police officer told Adams that he could make a lot of money – and the witness said yes.

After just three defense witnesses, closing arguments began. The prosecution argued Hollosy was guilty because he "stood and watched Chris Brown punch Parker Adams in the face and then he finished Parker Adams off with another punch to the face. That is assault in the District of Columbia..."

The defense volleyed back by pointing to the pending $3 million lawsuit Parker Adams filed against Brown and Hollosy:

"Justice for him had dollar signs on it...he wants to get paid."

However, Hollosy's lawyer defended him, saying:

"He is entitled to protect himself and his client..."he was exercising self-defense and there's evidence that he didn't hit anyone at all."