Tremont Avenue sinking

Most of the residents of Tremont Street moved into the area about a decade ago. It was a new community that replaced dilapidated apartments for the poor.

But now the place has begun to literally sink. Driveways and sidewalks are no longer even. Curbs have sunk. Concrete is cracked. In some cases, the ground underneath the asphalt has disappeared.

David Scruggs and his neighbors have watched with growing alarm as their neighborhood falls into the earth.

“"We all bought homes over here in good faith, thinking that the inspection and everything were done correctly,” Scruggs said. “But apparently some(thing) wasn't done.”

Residents have complained to the developer William C. Smith and to the city.

Terry Bellamy, interim director of the District Department of Transportation, said the problem is water, which has been washing away the soil base. It’s unclear if it’s from a natural or man-made source.

“We'll work with the developer to see if we can work together,” Bellamy said.