Trees damaged by vandals in NW

Residents of one Northwest Washington neighborhood are questioning why someone sawed and mutilated hundreds of young trees.{ }

“They cut them and they leave the branches on the side. Nobody seems to know who, but they’ve probably ruined half the trees in this are,” says Tom Tait, who lives in the neighborhood.

In the swank neighborhood of million dollar homes, embassies and the Naval Observatory, police say they have never seen anything like this. Neighbors are baffled and angry.

“They really didn’t do that side of the road. They did that side and they did that right here and I’ve been told by neighbors if you see anything, call 911. It’s a felony,” Tait says.

Over the past three years, the neighborhood teamed up with Casey Trees in a beautification effort. Casey donated and helped plant over 100 trees, a $13,000 investment. Now two-thirds are mutilated, along with hundreds of other city-owned trees.

Arborists say most of the young damaged trees won’t survive. With Arbor Day just one day away, everyone is asking who in the world can hate a tree.

“It’s so strange and that the person is doing it in the middle of the night so no one can see them. It’s weird. It’s very strange,” says neighbor Vivian Moore.