Tree branch crushes passing SUV along D.C.'s Constitution Avenue

A tree fell down on a vehicle parked along Constitution Ave just past 19th street. (WJLA photo/Brian van de Graaff)

WASHINGTON (AP) - A huge branch fell off a tree near the White House during the morning rush hour, crushing a vehicle on Constitution Avenue.

The branch fell onto a vehicle in the westbound lanes of Constitution Avenue near 17th Street Northwest about 6 a.m. Officials said no one was injured.

Carolyn Baker said she was driving to work when she heard a crunch and her car stopped. She got out and then realized a tree had fallen on her car.

Veda Allen was driving behind Baker when the branch fell on the SUV. After seeing the damage, Allen worried someone in the car may have been injured.

Westbound lanes of Constitution Avenue were closed for several hours while the branch and vehicle were removed. The road reopened by 9 a.m.