Trayvon Martin rally: More than 1,000 call for justice at Freedom Plaza

More than 1,000 people gathered in Northwest today to pay tribute to Trayvon Martin, the slain Florida teenager.

Stretching from the steps of the Wilson building through the street to Freedom Plaza, they stood together this afternoon, many in their hoodies, crying out for justice for Trayvon Martin.

Amy Wallace brought her family. She says this story resonates with her because she has a 15 year old son.

"I just felt it was so important for my kids cause it is their world this world we're living in today," she says.

It was nearly a month ago that Martin was shot and killed while walking home in his Florida neighborhood.

George Zimmerman, the man at the center of this case, says he shot the 17 year old in self defense.

For the first time his lawyer is speaking out, saying it was self defense.

However many believe this case goes beyond that, saying that racial profiling and injustices must be confronted and dealt with--by the government and by all of us.