Travis Caulfield accused of taking pictures of men in bathroom

      A D.C. man is accused of secretly videotaping dozens of men inside a Verizon Center bathroom.

      "My biggest concern was that there were children in the restroom as well," said Nick Barkley, who reported 33-year-old Travis Caulfield's alleged actions to police.

      Barkley was at the Verizon Center for WWE's Monday Night Raw. He says he went to the restroom twice, and each time, he noticed the suspect near the urinals.

      He said he noticed the suspect had a camera phone the second time.

      "He would stand at the urinal with his phone close to his chest like this and was filming the guy next to him," Barkley explained.

      Barkley said as soon as someone started to use a urinal, Caulfield would brazenly walk right up to it and start filming. But no one seemed to be noticing.

      Barkley said he asked the suspect what he was doing, and he seemed flustered, at first.

      "So I was on to his game and pretended to walk out, and as I walked out, he went right back up to the stall and started taking pictures or filming somebody else," Barkley added.

      Barkley then went to security, and soon MPD arrived.

      According to court records, Caulfield told police “I took the photos just for me. I wasn’t going to show it to anyone. I didn’t hurt anyone by them. Who did I hurt? I took them for me.”

      “You are violating children’s personal space and it’s wrong,” says Arielle Ellis, a parent.

      “For you it doesn’t matter. It’s illegal,” says Susan Rhinehart, another parent.

      Prosecutors say police were concerned any alleged material on the phone could be reproduced or erased so they took the phone and what they found, sources say, is now the subject of an in-depth search warrant. Officers say there were 93 videos of what appeared to be adult men using urinals.

      “Threats exist everywhere, whether it is your backyard of a public venue,” says Mark Munafo, who is visiting Washington. “You have to really work hard to protect your kids, unfortunately.”

      Caulfield was charged with a misdemeanor of voyeurism. He faced a D.C. judge and was released on bond.

      While the investigation continues, the judge ordered Caulfield must stay away from the Verizon Center.

      “Unfortunately that’s a slap on the wrist. It’s not a deterrent,” says Ellis.

      The Verizon Center released the following statement, which read, in part:

      "Verizon Center places the highest priority on fan and customer safety. We have a multi-tiered system in place for all events, and our staff and security officers are positioned throughout the arena, patrolling public areas to ensure a safe and friendly environment...In response to the incident you referenced from Monday evening, we received a complaint and our security measures were swift..."