Travel ban causes delay for Md. couple wanting to be foster parents for refugee


Joe and Carissa Ralbovsky have been busy.

“This is his room! Come on in. We’ve got a bed setup for him,” Mr. Ravbosky said.

The problem is their visitor hasn’t shown up… yet.

“He is in Ethiopia, but he is from Eritrea,” he explained while pointing at a globe.

Their visitor was supposed to arrive on June 26, the same day the Supreme Court set guidelines to approve the travel ban.

“This Muslim ban, in my opinion, is a pull the ladder from behind us kind of thinking,” he added.

You see, the Ralbovskys are expecting foster parents. The 17-year-old they’re waiting for is a refugee.

“It’s really just complete disbelief and shock and anger,” Mrs Ralbovsky described.

They’ve been preparing for just about a year; partnering with non-profit Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area to handle the process.

“No one has given us any answers as to why our foster child is not with us,” she said.

The travel ban is well-known for not allowing Muslims from six countries into the US, but it also prevents all refugees from entering the country. Its supporters say it’s a matter of National Security. The Ralbovsky’s say refugees aren’t a threat.

“They aren’t looking to start violence, they are looking to escape violence,” Mr Ralbovsky said.

They pray the state of Hawaii blocks the travel ban again come Tuesday.

“We just want him here,” Mrs Ralbovsky added. “Because every night he is in a refugee camp, he is not in this bed.”

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