Trash collectors mixing recycling and garbage?

Cell phone footage taken by a D.C. resident appears to show some very dirty hypocrisy.

Kevin Lourens, who says he always recycles, decided to keep a close eye on the trash pick-up after he recently received not one but two hefty fines from the city for not "separating the recycling.”

So he discreetly captured a video with his iPhone that appears to show workers collecting and dumping the recycling bins and regular garbage cans into the same truck.

"This is not in the spirit,” he said.

The Department of Public Works stated that, on occasion, workers will mix trash in narrow alleys and separates it later.

But the agency admits the director doesn't "like that practice.” Some residents are so fed up, they've started locking their cans.

"It's seems a little bit suspicious, said Fran Doherty, who has received multiple trash tickets, including one earlier this week. “Mixing them to being with and leading to tickets afterwards."