Danyelle Lynn Anderson fatally struck by VRE train

Photo: Facebook

(WJLA) - A Manassas woman was struck and killed Wednesday morning by a Virginia Railway Express train near Burke.

It happened shortly after 7 a.m. just south of the Burke Centre platform.

According to officials, the train was traveling southbound from Washington to Manassas when the engineer noticed a pedestrian walking across the tracks. The engineer immediately applied the emergency brake and sounded the horn, but it was too late. Danyelle Lynn Anderson, 22, was struck in the middle of the southbound track. She was pronounced dead on scene.

Her death has been ruled accidental because of the limited visibility due to the heavy fog.

"She meant a lot to me and this is hard," says her mother, Alta Anderson. "Danyelle was a wonderful daughter. She would do anything for anybody, help anybody if they asked for it."

Anderson says she dropped off at the VRE station in Manassas to take the train to work at Target in Burke. When she arrived around 7 a.m., Danyelle sent her mother a text message saying she had made it.

“A few minutes later I saw an email that there had been somebody hit at the tracks and I couldn’t get a hold of her and I knew in my heart it was her and I drove right to the train station,” Anderson says.

As Anderson thinks about her daughter, who was excited about pursuing a career in web design, she is left with one simple hope.

"I'd like her to be remembered for the good person she was," she says.