Traffic relief coming to Route 123 at Beltway in Tysons Corner

Relief is in sight for the interchange of I-495 at Route 123 in Tysons Corner.

The Virginia Department of Transportation says the ramp project will be ready in about a week.

By Monday morning rush, Nov. 7, all four lanes of I-495 North will shift to the right onto a new bridge over Route 123 (Chain Bridge Road) at Exit 46 in Tysons Corner.

Shifting northbound Beltway traffic allows the reopening of the Route 123 north on-ramp to I-495 north and the removal of the left turn lanes and traffic signal.

“There's a lot of work yet to be done but I think what people are starting to see now more and more he infrastructure coming out of the ground in grand looks,” said Steve Titunik of the Virginia transportation department.

Crews will also restore the left lanes on Route 123 in both directions at I-495 bringing the roadway back to full capacity with three through lanes and reconfigure the ramp from I-495 north to Exit 46A, Route 123 south.

This ramp will be one lane with the merge lane restored on Route 123 and the traffic signal removed.

“Anything they could do would be an improvement. It's hard to imagine it could get any worse than it already is,” said Julia Wamstad.

This is the junction of two of the nation's largest transportation projects, hot lanes and Metro rail. Soon, roads closed for construction will open for traffic to the relief of so many who have struggled through congestion.

“It is a nightmare right now so I don't think it will be easier at Christmastime,” said Mohammad Elhajjam, who was shopping in the area.

All work will be completed by Monday morning rush, Nov. 7, weather permitting.

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