Traffic deaths down in D.C. but concern lingers for pedestrians

Since 2001, the number of people killed on the roads in D.C. has dropped 73 percent. But there is continuing concern from AAA over pedestrians, who made up more than 40 percent of the total number of people killed in traffic accidents.

"I love being outside, love seeing the Washington Monument on my way to work," said D.C. resident Caroline Lewis.

Lewis moved to D.C. from Texas a month ago, purposely living near her job so she can walk there.

She's glad to hear the number of those killed on the city's roads are down.

AAA says the district is going against a national trend.

"You have to go back almost to the beginning record keeping in the District of Columbia to find that kind of improvement," AAA Spokesman{ }John B. Townsend said.

In 2012, 19 people were killed in traffic accidents - down from 32 in 2011 and 25 in 2010.

Townsend said tougher enforcement, like traffic cameras, is part of the reason for the drop in numbers.

"We notice that people are slowing across the city," Townsend said. "More people are obeying traffic laws, and more people are conscientious of how they drive."

He added, however, too many pedestrians are too distracted with cell phones while walking.

"It makes it tough. It makes it very dangerous," Townsend said.

Lewis added "We get lost in our own world on our phones and texting."

The new D.C. resident said people have to pay attention and not take chances.