Tractor-trailer crash closes lane of I-495N ramp in Oxon Hill

      Photo: John Lewis/WJLA

      This story has been updated.

      A tractor trailer traveling on northbound I-495 somehow flipped over, spilling fuel and its load of blueberries{ }onto a{ }ramp in Oxon Hill. The Exit 2B{ }ramp toward Washington was completely shut down as crews work to erect and remove the trailer and{ }clean up the spill.

      As of 10 a.m., one lane{ }remains reopen to allow traffic to get by the scene. A second{ }truck has arrived on the scene{ }to load the blueberry cargo.{ }

      Special airbags were used to upright the tractor trailer. Once the scene is completely clear,{ }both lanes will be reopened.{ }

      It's still unclear what exactly happened, but police say this appears to be a single-vehicle accident involving only{ }the tractor trailer.

      Fire officials say the accident happened just after the Woodrow Wilson Bridge around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

      One person was treated at the scene and later released. No major injuries were reported.